#TheBigMeetup by Gojob – NestJS and Angular


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For the first time at thecamp, we organize « The Big Meetup » the 25th Octobre at 6.30 pm

Guests :

Pascal Lorne, CEO of Gojob

Pascal will talk about how to be an entrepreneur.

Kamil Mysliwiecthe creator of the Framework NestJS living in Poland

Talk : « Nest: WHY, WHAT and HOW? »

Bo Vandersteene, an Angular coach living in Belgium

Her talk will show how to work with both Angular and NestJS

Arthur Schmitt, in charge of the POC Studio at thecamp

Talk : « POC studio: from idea to prototype »

Where ?

At The Camp

thecamp is a place where talents from all over the world can get training, inspire each other and work on projects to develop solutions for an exciting and optimistic future.

To change things concretely in fields such as food, mobility, energy, but also the future of work or artificial intelligence, the camp gives resources to individuals and organizations to : get training and face the challenges of a transforming world (Education an Facilitation); organize and attend conferences, meetups, hackathons…(Events); be active on the field through collaborative creation, experimentation, acceleration, innovation, youth empowerement or general interest (Projects)

Registration free here

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